Easy Mosquito Control

With so many reports in the news of people of all ages being infected by a simple mosquito bite, the importance of protecting your own family from these pests is not hard to grasp. The big question, then, becomes “how?” “How do I secure my home against a pest that is all over the place?” Fortunately, keeping your property safe isn’t as difficult as you might think. Here are a few tips to get you started.

Keep it Dry

One of the easiest ways to prevent a mosquito infestation on your property is to take away their breeding grounds. In this case, that means getting rid of stagnant bodies of water where mosquitoes can lay their eggs. These bodies of water can pop up in unexpected places, so it’s important to be on the lookout for them at all times.

Consider locations such as bird baths, empty flower pots, swimming pool and sand box covers, and low-lying areas in your yard just as a start. Any container either needs to have a way to drain quickly after it rains or needs to be flipped over to prevent water from accumulating. It may be an inconvenience to keep on top of your yard like this, but it’s far less inconvenient than being afflicted by a mosquito-borne illness.

Keep it Cut

Another great way to reduce mosquito breeding grounds is to keep your yard cut regularly. Shorter grass will allow standing water to dry more quickly, reducing the risk of any eggs surviving to maturity. Plus, by mowing all areas of your yard, you’ll be able to more easily see low-lying areas that could be at risk for an infestation. If you discover an area like this, move quickly to fill it in with top soil until it’s level with the rest of your yard.

Keep it Light

Mosquitos are attracted to dark colors, so try to avoid wearing dark clothing or using dark outdoor decor items to prevent attracting these unwanted pests. Pay careful attention to items such as canopies and cushions, since you’ll likely be near these for long stretches at a time while you’re outside. Try to utilize a light color scheme throughout your backyard to help convince these unwanted visitors to go elsewhere.

Keep it Dangerous

Your backyard should be a danger zone- for mosquitos, that is. Depending on the size of your yard, it’s a good idea to use one or more mosquito-zapping devices to kill the mosquitos that do decide to make an appearance. Additionally, utilize a service like Mosquito Squad of Charlotte to spray for mosquitos around your property to kill the eggs that are there and repel adults from the area. Don’t let mosquitos in on a free meal, as they will certainly take advantage if it’s offered.