Cupboard construction: which material is best?

Opt for variation

Kitchen cupboards are usually built using a combination of materials, each of which comes with its own features and benefits that contribute towards attaining the perfect finished product. Practically speaking, it does not make sense to build an entire cupboard with only one type of material anyway. Be sure to gather the right mix of cabinetry ingredients.

Young woman with senior craftsman in carpentry class

Melamine is your main material

Melamine boards are often used for a cupboard’s main structure. The material generally comprises a 16mm chipboard core with a decorative melamine face on both sides. One of the leading brands to use is MelaWood which is available in four different surface finishes that complement a variety of kitchen décor schemes. This material is strong, durable and water-resistant. It is also easy to cut and the sides can be edged to provide a neat look!

Chipboard for additional strength

Chipboard can be used in the carcass of the cupboard to add structural strength. It is often used as an out-of-sight support for the core construction material.

Hardboard gets a yes

This stiff board is used for cupboard backings and drawer bottoms. It is made from treated and compressed wood pulp and is commonly available in 3mm thick sheets. Hardboard is a lightweight, affordable material that is also available with a white face for a neater finish in cupboards.

Formica LifeSeal Worktops, always

Formica LifeSeal Worktops are the perfect solution for counters given their width of 32mm and the selection of textures, colours and edge radiuses to choose from. The material’s core is essentially just chipboard, but the longevity is attributed to the Formica laminate as it gives the worktop exceptional strength, durability, and renders the counters moisture-resistant. Surfaces are easy to clean and make for a hygienic cooking and eating space.

A thoughtful assembly of the materials listed above is a kitchen cupboard that ticks all the boxes: cost-effective, trendy and durable.